Mood Classification Using Listening Data

For my paper of this year’s ISMIR I’ve had the real pleasure to join forces with a titanic set of humans from Pandora, MTG-UPF, and Netflix to bring up this work to life: Mood Classification Using Listening Data.


The Best of RecSys 2020

It was long overdue, but I have finally been to RecSys for the first time.

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New Site!

It only took 10 years and a pandemic to finally upgrade my personal website.

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Another year in review. Seriously though, time is moving way too fast.

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Presenting at the International Symposium on Distorted Vocals

Last week I had the honor to give an invited talk at the 2nd International Symposium on Distorted Vocals in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Goodbye 2018, hello 2019. Some delay in writing this, only justifiable by the bliss I am nowadays feeling.

Thoughts on my first Burning Man

Ok, so here’s my Burning Man post. Please, ignore it if your feed is already filled with people in the desert, mutant vehicles, and other annoying BM stuff.

Crosses by José González

Music talking to me about depression. It casts some light to be alright.

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