Well, what the fuck happened?! Extreme police brutality, climate change yielding apocalyptic skies, hottest year on record, US strikes in Iraq killing the second-most important leader in Iran, a US president denying the results of the US general election, and… yeah, a global pandemic.

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Music Structure Overview: New TISMIR Paper

Very happy to announce that, after almost a period of 3 years (!

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The Best of ISMIR 2020

Eighth time attending ISMIR and first time attending virtually –some may say we were in Montvirtual instead of Montréal (sorry, not sorry).

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Mood Classification Using Listening Data

For my paper of this year’s ISMIR I’ve had the real pleasure to join forces with a titanic set of humans from Pandora, MTG-UPF, and Netflix to bring up this work to life: Mood Classification Using Listening Data.


The Best of RecSys 2020

It was long overdue, but I have finally been to RecSys for the first time.

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New Site!

It only took 10 years and a pandemic to finally upgrade my personal website.

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Another year in review. Seriously though, time is moving way too fast.

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Presenting at the International Symposium on Distorted Vocals

Last week I had the honor to give an invited talk at the 2nd International Symposium on Distorted Vocals in São Paulo, Brazil.

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