New Site!

Sun, Sep 20, 2020 One-minute read

It only took 10 years and a pandemic to finally upgrade my personal website. But I did it, and it feels so good to say goodbye to Wordpress and say hello to static websites (again).

I migrated my old, slow, and rarely updated website to Hugo, a quite simple to use and pretty powerful static site generator. It’s written in Go, which I had zero experience with, but the migration wasn’t that bad.

Writing this post

Here’s the tools I used:

And I already feel like it was worth it. I am writing this from my beloved terminal, using Vim on a Markdown file that once I push it to this site’s github repo, it will automatically update the final website. Magic! Moreover, the new page is not only way faster (goodbye PHP + mySQL), but definitely cheaper! I was paying around $100/year to host my old site, and this is completely free, hosted in Netlify (thanks for the tip, Sergi!). Also, wow, Netlify is awesome.

Anyway, with this upgrade I hope to be more motivated to publish stuff into the Internets, since I will no longer be embarrassed of a website that had to be upgraded long ago.

So, here I go!