About Me

Hola! I am Oriol (Uri) Nieto (he/they), a Senior Audio Research Engineer at Adobe Research. I was a Staff Scientist at Pandora before that. I also make music.

I hold a Ph.D in Music Technology from the Music and Audio Research Lab at the New York University. I am an active member of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR). You can see all my publications, including my Ph.D Dissertation, here. My interests focus on music information retrieval, audio understanding, large scale recommendation systems, and machine learning with especial emphasis on deep architectures.

I sing, play guitar, violin, and drums for the psychedelic, depressive, humorous, transatlantic, and transcontinental band La Bossa d’Urina. I play cajón, guitars, and sing for the rumba band Rumbahía. I was the singer of Arkaen. I was the singer, guitarist, and violinist of Sargon for 10 years, and I am the creator of the SCREAMINATOR, the Growl Hero, and the Ultimate Screaming Lessons. I am also the director of Jarl’em All Studios, in Harlem, Brooklyn Oakland, California.

I was the teacher of the courses C Programming for Music Technology and Applications on iOS Platform at NYU. I also worked alongside with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater and Kevin Chartier developing some cool Music Apps for the iOS Platform. I helped them with the MorphWiz and the SketchWiz, really cool apps you can find on the AppStore. I used to develop iOS apps myself, but Python has taken over my life.

This blog is about technology, music, traveling, books, politics, geek stuff, and some other ineffectual things that give meaning to my life.

For more info about me, please refer to my formal CV.