Audio-Text Models Do Not Yet Leverage Natural Language

TL;DR: we thoroughly analyzed state-of-the-art audio-text multimodal models and they do not fully leverage natural language.

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The Best of ISMIR 2022

And finally, after 2 years with virtual-only ISMIRs, this year we had the first post-pandemic in-person ISMIR.

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Burning Man Intensifies

I keep seeing wonderful pictures from this year’s Burning Man, and they inspired me to share a terrible one, to counterbalance.

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Music Signal Enhancement

This year at ICASSP we’re presenting a novel technique to enhance a music signal via generative adversarial networks and diffusion probabilistic models.

Model Architecture

12021 HE

And the year 12021 of the Human Era (i.e., 2021 AD, but let’s try not to be religious here) just ended.

Music Segmentation Talk

Last month, I was invited to give a talk at MagniMind Academy.

Music Segmentation Presentation

The Best of ISMIR 2021

Last Friday, the 22nd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference ended.

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How Hard: New Song by Los Pandejos

Well, we did it: Los Pandejos released our first original track!

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