Fri, Jan 10, 2020 3-minute read

Another year in review. Seriously though, time is moving way too fast. Seems like I just wrote the little review for 2018 a month ago. Anyway, here it is. Life is good and also a piece of shit. But mostly good.

Also, so much travel this year. Look at all the places I’ve been, and then cry because of the indecent amount of CO2 emitted by all those planes I took:

Here you have all the little things I did during this past 2019 that more or less gave meaning to my life:

  • Starting the year in Granollers with family and loved ones
  • Rallying for better Oakland Public Schools
  • We do the most amazing hikes around the Bay Area. This place is gorgeous.
  • I present some of my work at the University of San Francisco, as part of their Data Science Series.
  • Spend a wonderful weekend up in north Bay, where the grass is greener.
  • Important titans move to the Bay Area <3
  • Skiing in Colorado with dearest sister.
  • We spend the most perfect long weekend in NYC.
  • Rumbahía releases the debut album!
  • We start to sell out shows with Rumbahía (wtf)
  • Seriously, the Bay Area is amazing. This is right next to Oakland
  • Weekends in Tahoe <3
  • We bike from Vallejo to Sacramento (~45miles) to raise money for Oakland Public Schools!
  • La Bossa d’Urina publishes a new music video for the song Sobrevalorat (by NomasDF).
  • 10 years ago we moved to the US, and we’re still here.
  • I meet one of my favorite authors, Neal Stephenson.
  • I co-organize the 5th edition of the Machine Learning for Music Discovery Workshop at ICML in Long Beach, CA.
  • We go to Kauai, we kayak the Napali Coast, and everything is absolutely magical.
  • I buy a motherfucking condo in Oakland.
  • Arkaen performs in the mountains of the California Sierras.
  • Burning Man once again, this time without Her.
  • I see Metallica with the SF Symphony and mind is blown.
  • And we then go to Cuba, because why not.
  • Vilafranca Castellers in the Bay Area. So pretty!
  • I’m Aquaman for Halloween.
  • I present the Harmonix Set at ISMIR in Delft, The Netherlands. And I MC the Pandora Jam session and I end up crowdsurfing (first crowdsurfing ever in a technical conferece?)
  • I go to Barcelona for a short week. Hola abuelo!
  • Spend Thanksgiving in Pasadena <3
  • Los Pandejos perform, once again, at the company holiday party.
  • Going home for Christmas and for the wedding of two massive titans.
  • Second La Bossa d’Urina music video of the year: Relaxa’t (by NomasDF)
  • We go to France and Andorra for a few days before the year ends.
  • California is not Spain World Tour 2019 by La Bossa d’Urina
  • This year I don’t make any covers :(
  • We enter the year with my friends and their crazy amounts of little children in Canovelles <3