England – Cover by The National

I love this song. So much. I tried to cover it, but of course this doesn’t compare to the original in any possible sense.

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Music Virtual Reality

When is the last time you’ve listened to an entire music album with complete full attention?

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Time Travellers – Riverside

Another day. Another cover. Time passes by. Time flies like an arrow (the flies of time, they do like arrows indeed).

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What a year! So many travels, milestones and events. Some extremely good.

La Bossa d’Urina First Album is Out!

Here it is titans. Our first album with La Bossa d’Urina is finally available to buy, download, stream, urinate, etc.

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First Official Video of La Bossa d’Urina

Our first official video with La Bossa d’Urina is finally here (with subtitles!

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Leaving New York

After five years, I just moved out of New York. This titanic city, which is of course the best city in the world, has absorbed me since day one with her cold, angry, and greedy embrace.

The Eldar by Blind Guardian

The legendary Eren Başbuğ (the titan who conducted and arranged the Dream Theater orchestra in multiple occasions) teamed up with me to perform this wonderful song by Blind Guardian.

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