Song of Unborn (Steven Wilson)

I covered my favorite song from the latest Steven Wilson album (which is one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite artists, holy shit).

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The Nurse Who Loved Me

I covered one of my favorite songs by A Perfect Circle (which is an original by Failure) a few weeks ago, but never updated this.

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The year of the shit. Not only politically –both in the US, Spain, and Europe in general–, but personally in terms of my decision to end my long term relationship.

The Tourist

We’re all tourists. Slowing down for Christmas.

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Thoughts on the Catalan Referendum

This is mostly for my non-Spanish/Catalan friends. (I wrote this yesterday night, so this doesn’t take into account what went on today in Catalonia, including physical repression of peaceful voters by the Spanish police.

Nutshell by Alice in Chains

So, I got myself an electric violin and it’s pretty sweet!

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Show Me How To Live (Audioslave Acoustic Cover)

Aw, one the best singers since the beginning of the humans left us a few weeks ago.

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Deep XOR

Since deep learning is so hot nowadays, I put together a notebook with a little exercise I undertook to have a better understanding of how neural networks work: modeling a XOR gate using a feedforward network with a single hidden layer.

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