Miguel Noguera

Mon, Jan 1, 0001 3-minute read

An airport. The bathroom of an airport. They have to clean it, they have to disinfect that periodically. One company, one company that does that. And they have a sticker very sticked to a tile next to the hand-drier. An old sticker where it says what they have taken out, what they have disinfected, and what method they used to get rid of that. There are like bacterias, insects, bugs, rats, … there is like a quizz that gets answered by the guy who goes there, and he says, I don’t know, today I’ve dealt with bacterias. Today I’ve been working with the bacterian world. What have I used? I don’t know, some sort of an anti-bacterial spray. You get the point, right? That sticker very sticked, very old. So, when I was coming here, in the JFK airport, somebody had written… wait, there was a little empty space in the quizz, inviting any type of local form to be inside the sticker. It’s not a bug, not a rat, something different. There was a little door for the imagination. Somebody had written DINOSAURS in that empty space. Somebody put dinosaurs there, somebody played a game there, but c’mon, that can’t be. And then, not only that, but he had written below, in the employed method place: “cock milk”. Cock milk! With the milk from my dick I’ve been here killing Dinosaurs. And then they had come there with a pen and they had crossed it out, using a small vibration, using a very short wave length to do the operation of hiding that scene. But you could see it clearly, since the guy’s pen was black and their pen was blue! So that you could see it, you could see it. But it’s this scene, this proposed scene, to kill dinosaurs in a bathroom with cock milk. In fact somebody could produce a gay porn film about it with that. And this could end up being something serious for some adult men could masturbate with this video. I mean, this scene with a good production, with some nice dinosaurs fxs and some strong and handsome actors, like jerking off and the dinosaurs dying, with an evoking music, we could enter to the gay porn movies world. Something good and interesting and serious could come out of this scene, like, hey, there is a joke here with dinosaurs and cock milk, but let’s be serious, let’s be adult, and a man walks in, very sweated, like jerking off and killing Dinosaurs… I think this could be done.