iOS Apps

Here you will find the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Applications I have developed (or helped developing) and are published on the App Store:


This is a project that I started some time ago. I developed the technology for detecting “screams” or “growls” at Stanford back in early 2010. I put that technology into the Growl Hero desktop app (it’s free, you can download it from here).

After that, I port the technology into the iOS platform, and created a hack called Screaminator for the Music Hack Day in New York, in February 2011 (you can find the wiki page here). I got some media coverage here and here, since I won the Best SoundCloud App. Alright! The app used the mic of the iPhone/iPod Touch to detect your level of scream and give you a score depending on how good you’re doing it.

Finally, I joined forces with Juan Astasio, an amazing New York based graphic designer, and we finally developed a comercial version of the Screaminator. You can visit the Official Screaminator Website for more info.


App developed by Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier. I helped with little snippets of code. It’s the ultimate instrument for the iPhone and iPad. Simply amazing. More info here. You can download it here.


App developed by Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier and I. Sketchwiz turns the iPhone camera your personal sketch artistl! More info here. You can download it here.


Free app that makes you feel Alright anywhere you go. You can download it here.


Instrument that is half an Ocarina, half a TalkBox. You don’t have to blow to produce sound, but you should put your mouth close to the speaker to shape the sound with your vocal tract! Free in the AppStore.


This is my final project for the Music-256b/Computer Science-476b course at Stanford. It is based on the Reactable from the Music Technology Group in Barcelona. It is not published to the AppStore for some copyrights and ethical reasons. Read more on the official ReactPad web page. It works on the iPhone/iPod Touch, but on iPad is even better : )