Eyal Amir at MARL

Sat, Oct 8, 2011 One-minute read

Yesterday at MARL (Music and Audio Research Laboratory at NYU) we had the pleasure to have a talk by Eyal Amir, the musician, composer, and producer behind ProjectRnL.

He talked about how he “decomposes” a simple song from a musical style that he might not be familiar with and then he brings it to his own world, a world full of impossible rhythms, jazzy chords, and without any tempo / harmony restrictions.

He focused on his extraordinary cover of Slim Shady (by Eminem), and he showed us his original mix, and how he deals with the new rhythms, based on Eminem’s lead vocals line. It was so great to have Eyal in the department, people were fascinated with his job.

Thanks for coming Eyal, we had a great time!