Tool in San Francisco

Sat, Jul 24, 2010 One-minute read

Tool in the states are huge. Watching a Tool concert in San Francisco is one of the greatest musical/physical/psychotropic experiences I’ve ever had. The venue was beautiful (Bill Graham Auditorium), located in the Civic Center Plaza next to the City Hall, and the stage was extremely big. And of course it was sold out. That was last week, July 12th.

Five “faces” where watching us all during all the concert. The evolution of a man’s life. Nothing -> Baby -> Man -> Old Man -> 7 stars face that I’ve no idea what it means but it looks extremely cool.

Also my sister came all the way from Barcelona and it made the concert even better (if possible).

The Four Guys played the best set list ever:

1.- Third Eye (with Timothy Leary intro, like in Salival)
2.- Jambi
3.- Stinkfist
4.- Guitar and Bass olla
5.- Vicarious
6.- Eon Blue Apocalypse
7.- The Patient
8.- Intolerance
9.- Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
10.- Schism
11.- Forty Six & 2
12.- Lateralus
13.- Ænima

And here some more (shitty iPhone) pictures.

My only concern is I didn’t have any beer because they cost $11 each (!!)

Anyway… Damn it, I love this band.