Jordan Rudess at Pyramind

Sun, May 23, 2010 One-minute read

When Jordan Rudess came to Stanford, he took this chance to give a couple of performances presenting the new synthesizer by Roland called Gaya in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. In the very last minute, Jordan asked me if I wanted to present some of my apps in his performance in San Francisco. This performance took place at Pyramind, a very cool music production company that written the score for videogames such as Prince of Persia, Halo or God of War. And here I am presenting the VoxCarina and the ReactPad at Pyramind, SF:

After my presentation, Jordan asked me to join him and Moldover (a very interesting artist from the Bay Area that crafts his own instruments) to jam together with our creations. Here you have the evidence:

It was a great night, and I want to thank Jordan Rudess for inviting me, and also the guys at Pyramind for recording these videos. It was so ALRIGHT.