Lost iPhone Programming

Wed, Feb 10, 2010 One-minute read

While programming for the iPhone, this questions raised in my head:

  • Why is it important that Sawyer returns to the Temple?
  • What is Sayid infected with?
  • What has “claimed” Sayid?
  • Why is Ethan using his family name?
    • Why did he use the last name “Rom” on the Island?
  • Where has Claire been?
  • Why does the date on Claire‘s sonogram indicate that the Flash-sideways timeline is a month ahead?
  • Why does Justin claim that the Others can’t kill one of them?
  • Why do the survivors need to be protected?
  • What is in the box that Sawyer kept in his and Juliet’s former home?
  • What was Aldo trying to stop Justin from saying when they found the Russeau-like trap?

And now that I read this article from the Lostipedia, I can continue programming safely.