12022 HE

Sat, Dec 31, 2022 5-minute read

And there you go, the year 12022 of the Human Era gets to an end. This year is marked by a lot of live music (finally!) and me writing a couple of concert reviews/interviews of some of my favorite bands for Mariskal Rock magazine.

Other than that, Nuit (my mom’s dog) passes away, which makes me extremely sad. And La Bossa d’Urina releases the third album, called El Primer Disc! Oh, and I travel to India and it blows my mind.

Hampi in India

Here the list in chronological order that gave this 12022 some sort of meaning:

  • Lots of beautiful hikes in the Bay Area to start the year correctly.
  • Skiing in Tahoe makes me happy.
  • I see Tool in San Francisco and not only is one of the best shows of my life, but I write a full review for the spanish magazie Mariskal Rock.
  • Runs around Lake Merrit are such a big part of my life.
  • Get to see Dream Theater just walking distance from my place!
  • I play the Dark Matter solo over, and over, and over again. Likely one of my favorite solos of all time.
  • Anita is feeling much more comfortable skiing <3
  • My dearest friends from La Caixa that live in NYC come and visit and we go to Yosemite and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.
  • Hiatus Kaiyote melts minds at the Fox.
  • More melting faces in shows in Oakland. This time with Cory Henry.
  • Getting ready for some Rumbahía shows with potential guitar solos.
  • I get the holy trinity of vaccines: J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna.
  • I bike 50 kilometers in Chico and then I go to a 3h Transatlatic show in Berkeley in one day.
  • Nuit, the magical dog, joins the magical heaven of dogs. Deeply sad.
  • Bay to Breakers is the most fun race!
  • Some fun getaway in Moss Landing with friends and sea otters and paddle boarding.
  • A dove mama decides to use our deck as their new home to lay eggs.
  • San Francisco remains beautiful but dead, after the pandemic.
  • We finish the recording of the new album of La Bossa d’Urina: el primer disc.
  • Shave half of my head. I’m such a stereotype.
  • Visiting New York in early summer is the best.
  • I get to interview Roine Stolt from the Flower Kings to write a report for Mariskal rock!
  • We go to a wedding in upstate NY and it’s gorgeous.
  • Visiting Barcelona in the summer is the best. Hola family Nieto!
  • Beautiful trips around Catalonia with my love.
  • Feeling lucky to spend my mom’s birthday with her.
  • We publish our Music Enhancement paper using Diffusion at ICASSP (remotely).
  • I get covid in Barcelona (luckily it’s relatively mild for me), we have to cancel some shows, but we end up playing an extremely fun tour. Loving La Bossa d’Urina’s family.
  • I get to play with Seek’em All at Poble Espanyol. Epic shit.
  • I interview the legend Gavin Harrison, the drummer of Porcupine Tree (arguably my favorite band ever) to talk about the new Porcupine Tree album! I can’t believe it. I publish the interview in Mariskal Rock.
  • I visit NYC again after Europe because, why not, it’s on the way. Aww Brooklyn!
  • Burning Man for the 3rd time. What a crazy place. This time we have a crazy good setup (gracias Luisca!).
  • Nine Inch Nails melting faces in Berkeley (they begin the show with Somewhat Damaged, which is likely my favorite NIN song).
  • Roger Waters melting faces in San Francisco. Really, one of my favorite shows of all time (ok, I really try not to exaggerate things, but it really is one of my favorite shows of all time. Like Tool. Or NIN).
  • Meshuggah melting faces in San Francisco. One of my favorite bands to see live of all time.
  • Rumbahía is back with a vengeance!
  • Mendocino yearly retreat is fantastic.
  • I got to see King Buffalo at Burning Man. I didn’t know them, but they played by far the best music at the burn. Then they toured the US and got to see them in SF. Great trippy shit!
  • I go to NYC for a long weekend with my dearest friend Ferran and we shoot a video for one of the new La Bossa d’Urina songs.
  • Anita’s aunt passes away and we go to her funeral in Palm Springs.
  • I go to ISMIR in India with Anita and we get to spend 9 days traveling around the south of India. It’s INCREDIBLE. What a gorgeous and beautiful country. Last day, during our train ride to Bengaluru, I get some of the worst stomach bugs ever.
  • ISMIR in person again! By far, the best research community ever.
  • Our new album by La Bossa d’Urina drops! I’m so happy that Andreu Zaragoza made the cover for us! And I’m so proud of all of our new songs, I think this album is by far our best one.
  • I dye my hair very blue.
  • Christmas with my family in Barcelona!
  • I feel so lucky to have been invited to be a guest vocalist for the new album of Viven, my favorite rock band in Spain!
  • I spend new year’s eve with my friends and I get ready for an early flight on January 1st back to Oakland.

Happy 2023, titans, let’s do this!